At The Twig Magazine, we view wellness through a humanized and private lens that concentrates on the physical, emotional, intellectual, and work-life.

The Twig Magazine is wellness you can anticipate. We assist you to take care of your self, your loved ones, along with your neighborhood.

We are aware that now, people are the purpose of care, which is precisely why we design our content experiences: multitasking parents, mobile-first millennials, desktop boomers,  worried health professionals, wellness-conscious warriors, and symptom solvers for whom health choices are multifaceted.

No matter the system, our occupation mirrors this service-driven mission in addition to the core values of inclusivity, accuracy, autonomy, in addition to empathy.



Who We Are

The Twig Magazine is dedicated to empowering customers with reputable advice on all diet regimens, weight loss, and sex topics.

The Twig Magazine is created with the objective to assist you to make the right choice each time. We cover all facets of nutrition, including healthy and balanced eating pointers, food preparation hacks, weight-loss, food styles, relations, sex, everyday care, and more.

Whether you are in a busy town or a rural town, our thoughts meet you where you’re. From consuming healthier at chain restaurants to purchasing at the local food shop with a keener eye, we can assist you in making better food choices every day.

Our library has actually been made by healthcare professionals in addition to industry specialists consisting of educated dietitians, nutritionists, in addition to personal fitness instructors, and afterward assessed by board-certified doctors. We supply you with the instruments to produce wholesome living fun in addition to very simple.


Our Mission

We realize wellness is as much about self-expression and also self-compassion as it is all about exercise classes and balanced and healthy eating; that it isn’t all-or-nothing; every individual’s private aims for health are distinct, and that’s excellent.

With real-life suggestions, clinically researched articles, in addition to motivational stories, we’ll help you make notified decisions about your treatment with confidence, not to be afraid. 


Meet the Experts

Our group of board-certified medical reviewers is practicing specialists in their fields who help readers make informed decisions concerning their health by providing the most precise and up-to-date info about conditions, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and much more. 


Writers and Editors

The Twig Magazine is aware of that which we choose to write for us, consisting of idea leaders, authors that have years of expertise with a certain topic to be able to supply informative service-driven content. Our editors also work closely together with writers, changing, and refining before a guide is wrapped up.


How Do We Check Facts

The Twig Magazine’s group of experienced fact-checkers provides a critical layer of review to ensure content integrity. This group of professionals is chosen and assessed for journalistic and subject matter experience. They are tasked with researching all statements of fact to make sure that information and health advice articles are precise and detailed and data are correctly sourced and current. 



When it comes to your nutrition and fitness, there’s no”one size fits all” strategy. That’s why you will need a trustworthy voice to emphasize facts over fads. The Twig Magazine authors are a group of credentialed dietitians, personal trainers, psychologists, and more who provide you with a holistic approach to food, weight loss, and fitness with a focus on progress, not perfection. 


Personal Privacy Policy 

The Twig Magazine is dedicated to safeguarding the personal privacy of audiences as well as customers. Due to how consumer personal privacy is the top priority, we proactively embed privacy into the advancement and curation of our alternatives.


Our Writers 

Writers are specially selected for both their extensive knowledge and real-world expertise as well as their ability to communicate complex information in a clear and useful way.  

Our news articles are based on the latest information available and are supported by data and specialist input to offer a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of nutrition and fitness information.


How The Twig Magazine Earn Bonuses

To be able to offer you the absolute best health and wellbeing as well as wellness content, The Twig Magazine conducts promotions. Additionally, we may accompany different companies, gain associate revenue through products you view on the website or on our social media stations, or release financed or branded articles or videos.


Here’s our Team:


Allan Grey – Multimedia Director

Allan has been leading the creation of The Twig Magazine media, social media sites, and rich-media content.

He started his profession more than 10 years by introducing a production business in San Francisco, where he produced web content for lots of companies and brand names. 



Lily Schneider – Principal Editor

Lily is a health and wellness reporter who is passionate about aiding people much better to recognize their bodies. She’s a fan of excellent scientific research and also bad wordplay here, and resides in Boston with her spouse, 2 daughters, and also loves dogs.

Julia has been covering wellness, physical fitness, and also wellness as a writer and also an editor for more than two years. She is the previous Articles Director of Health and fitness magazine and Middle Editor at Gossip. Her stories have actually won a lot of national contests.



George Klein – Innovative Supervisor

George oversees the innovative direction for The Twig Magazine. With greater than 13 years of experience, he has a tried and tested track record of helpful business expansion with critical branding as well as a collective method to web content creation.

George is committed to The Twig Magazine’s mission to help people feel better, included, and welcome in wellness.



Emily Lind – Executive Editor

Emily signed up with The Twig Magazine in 2018, dealing with the Nutrition as well as Beauty groups before ending up being Executive Director in 2019. She has invested her job as a press reporter and editor covering females’ lives with a focus on wellness.

Lily’s passionate of revealing the systemic as well as institutional imperfections that bring about health disparities for marginalized people, in addition to giving solution that helps viewers navigate these systems for the best mental as well as physical health results feasible.



The Twig Magazine’s Medical Board

Our group of medical professionals guarantees you’re getting one of the most up-to-date, accurate wellness information so you can make crucial decisions with self-confidence.


Ann Johnson, M.D. – Medical Reviewer

Hellen Grates, M.D. – Medical Reviewer

Jeffrey Parisi, Ph.D. – Medical Reviewer

Rachel Miles, M.D., M.S. – Medical Reviewer

Carmen Berman, M.S., R.D., L.D.N. – Health Professional, Medical Reviewer

Anita Rose, M.D. – Medical Reviewer

Brett Barret, M.D. – Medical Reviewer


Reach Us Out!

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Please feel free to contact us with remarks, objection, or just to say HI. Reach out at [email protected]


Emily Lind

Emily Lind

Emily signed up with The Twig Magazine in 2018, dealing with the Nutrition as well as Beauty groups before ending up being Executive Director in 2019. She has invested her job as a press reporter and editor covering females' lives with a focus on wellness.